When people talk about a dump truck or having a Dump truck licence, one usually means a Rigid Haul Truck, which is the most commonly used machine in the mining industry. Despite their enormous size, dump trucks are extremely simple to operate and are frequently used as a stepping stone into the mining industry. One with the Dump truck licence becomes ready to improve their skills and begin working in the mining industry professionally.

If one is really passionate about driving huge vehicle? Then get a Dump truck licence and move forward

Affordable Industry Training now offers Certificate III in Concreting and Certificate III in Landscape Construction, in addition to teaching students on how to operate trucks and various plant machinery tickets. All of the courses feature skilled, experienced teachers who provide high-quality instruction, to give the students an amazing teaching experience. Call Brisbane: 07 3263 6457 and Gold Coast: 07 5575 1144 now and get trained in a new way with the new Dump truck licence. In some cases, foundation skills and lower-level occupational credentials are also offered for better results. So, now it’s time to focus on developing your skill and trying out something new. But a few things should be kept in mind, if you’re new to the industry or even considering a career in mining, one has to know that, on-road trucks and dump trucks are not the same and Dump truck licence is a must and is necessary by law to operate a huge truck on a public road. This type of licence is known by different names in different states, so before taking a major step, give this a thought.