We at Affordable Truck School  and Affordable Industry Training are inclined in designing the funded tele handler course. The course is sure to provide you with ample knowledge that will help you to carry and conduct the job of the tele handler operator with utmost safety. This will easily pass the theory and the list of the practical assessments that is entrained by the tele handler course in specific. We will help you with the best details to make you pass the practical assessment and get the right job placement to have the best course winning. We will also tell you about the kind of license that you need to be a tele handler. Ring to see if you are CSQ Eligible.

Getting the License in Style

Once you attend our   tele handler course you will get to know about the Cat B license and this unit describes the skills and knowledge required to conduct telescopic materials handler operations. This unit applies to those working in site-based roles.

It carries loads of excitement and willpower to achieve the best in the field.