• telehandler

    Getting you through the Tele Hnadler Course

    We at Affordable Truck School are inclined in designing the funded tele handler course. The course is sure to provide you with ample knowledge that will help you to carry and conduct the job of the tele handler operator with utmost safety. This will easily pass the theory and the list of the practical assessments that is entrained by the tele handler course in specific. We will help you with the best details to make you pass the practical assessment and get the right job placement to have the best course winning. We will also tell you about the kind of license that you need to be a tele handler.

    Getting the License in Style

    Once you attend our funded tele handler course you will get to know about the Cat B license and the driver will need to pass the specific car test. It carries loads of excitement and willpower to achieve the best in the field. The license will last for 3 to 5 years and you need to be 17 years old to opt for the license in style. With the license in hand that we have helped you to get in the pocket, you can easily drive the telehandler on the road with the best of caliber.

    It is necessary to register the vehicle and we tell you about the necessity. This is sure to work in case of bale carting, and transporting the fertilizer. The vehicle will also help to travel to the grain store for loading the lorry. This is how we let you know about the vehicle in detail and you feel the necessity to opt for the license in time.

  • Dump Truck Lessons

    The Implication of Dump Truck Lessons

    We have the best of schools offering dump truck lessons and this way you will learn how to drive safe trucks. These are vehicles like delivery trucks, dump trucks, waste trucks, concrete mixers, and water trucks. The program of the straight truck driving lessons will typically include the preparation of the CDL tests along with the basic skill instructions. Once you attend our training sessions at Affordable Truck School you get to know about operating and shifting transmissions. There are more things for you to learn like backing up the truck and docking. You also learn the concept of space management to help things stay at the right place.

    Details of the Course

    We have the systematic approach for dump truck lessons where you get to know in detail regarding vehicle communications along with extreme driving conditions and more things like how to maintain the vehicles along with the pre and post-trip instructions. We have everything ready at Affordable Truck School and the courses are apt for your better learning experience. The course will continue for three to seven weeks and cost may vary based on the details and intensity of the courses. However, you should have the eligibility criteria to attend the course that we have in offer.

    To take part in the course you should be more than 18 years old and you must hold the apt state driver’s license along with a clean driving record. However, if you want to handle the specialized dump trucks, we will always help you with the specialized training course.


    When learning to drive, one of the biggest things to remember is the stopping and the braking distances of the car you are driving.

    To be behind the wheel without knowing or being able to remember the distances can be extremely dangerous, not just to yourself and your passengers, but to others on the road too.

    At Wimbledon Driving School, we recognise this and feel it is important to point out how to remember the calculations to everyone who learns to drive in order to give them the best chance of mastering their driving test.


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